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Aug 4, 2019

Have you ever done something you’re ashamed of? That you’re convinced people will judge you for? The reality is that we are usually our harshest judge, and only by tapping into that shame can we heal ourselves to grow through it.

Today’s guest, Laura Muse, is a speaker, coach and mindset expert. She’s taken her life from rock bottom to living a life of abundance while sharing her story to help others.

Laura is a fun, sarcastic, and tenacious wellness and network-marketing professional, mindset expert, and business coach with a recognized track record of success.  As a single-mom of two, Laura understands first hand the struggle to maintain a bountiful home-life, soul-life, and business life. From drug abuse to food stamps to divorce, Laura turned her pain into positivity and was able to completely change the course of her life by utilizing mindset development and visualizing the bright future. Laura has helped countless women tap in to their shame points and help them unlock the life they desire.





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