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Aug 14, 2019

We hear what we need to, if we open our heart and mind. And this Celebration, I felt like EVERY speaker was talking about fear. And fear is the reason I almost cancelled going.

The speakers on stage would talk about what they were struggling with, how they had fear about doing the hard things to change it, and then the incredible things that happened when they got on the other side of fear.

One speaker REALLY talked about how she faced her Fear - Michelle Poler is a TEDx Speaker and founder of @hellofears. She committed to the 100 day project where for 100 days, she faced a fear EVERY day. Fear is our ally. But it's important we can really understand it so we know it’s purpose.


There are 3 categories of fear.

  1.  Universal fear - fear that keeps us safe and alive (heights, spiders).
  2.  Cultural fear - it keeps us from being outliers. it’s the fear of not being loved or accepted.
  3. Personal fear - keeps us from being our BEST self and reaching our potential.


Courage and fear are both part of us. But which is tipping the scale? Instead of asking, what’s the worst that can happen, ask “What’s the best that can happen”?

My question for you - Are you showing up for your dreams bravely? Are you honoring them? Or are you letting fear get in the way? Have courage, because everything you want to be, do and have is just on the other side of that fear.


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