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Aug 11, 2019

This year is my fifth Celebration, an incredible personal development event (and party!) to be inspired, learn, grow and set goals for the year ahead. This year, we’re in Nashville, TN. Yee haw!

After a full day that stoked the flame of my fire for my online wellness business (as well as for the benefits of the business model of referral marketing), I interview the moms I’m sharing a house with. These women are not only part of my team, but part of the community that I call friends and family.

They have different reasons they said yes to working with Isagenix (and me!), different why’s, different struggles and different triumphs, but we’re united in a common bond of wanting to improve ourselves while impacting others and creating legacy for our children.

Part 1: Interviews with primal nutritionist, childbirth educator and doula Ellen Barnad, with my high school classmate, talented esthetician and makeup artist Lacey Thomas, and former D1 athlete, personal trainer and holistic health coach Jessica Bird Hagestedt.



Ellen Barnard

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Lacey Thomas

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Jessica Bird Hagestedt

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