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Aug 7, 2019

You know the saying “it’s not about you”? But sometimes, it really IS all about us!

Third trimester, I was frustrated. I was about to launch my podcast and was feeling a lot of fear. I hadn’t been prioritizing my workouts and I was NOT sleeping. I felt pretty miserable and stressed out.

My husband got home that night and did something minor and I told him “I am NOT feeling supported. I need more support from you”. And he very calmly said “if you’re not feeling supported, is there an area where you aren’t supporting yourself?

Of course, in my tired, moody state, that wasn’t exactly what I wanted to hear, but one of the things I love about my husband is that he works with a coach and works on his own issues and often, the things we are working on mirror each other!

I thought about it and asked can I better support me? Am I setting myself up to succeed in the areas that are important to me before I expect someone else to?And when we can really look honestly at ourselves, we can determine what we need to do.


If you aren’t supporting yourself and you’re expecting others tol, it’s like pouring water into a cup with holes….there will never be enough to fill up the cup.  When I am really supporting myself, I’m high vibing on life. I FEEL support from those around me. Opportunities literally fall out of the sky. There’s no room for negativity or drama and it’s as if people can sense it.

It’s YOUR job to support yourself, to make yourself happy, to love yourself. How can you apply this to every day? To what you’re doing? To what you’re eating? 

Ask: Does what I’m doing now support me? Does what I’m doing now help me achieve my goals? Does what I’m doing now help me become my highest and best self?

Do what you can to be happy, because when you’re happy, you can do anything!


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