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Apr 21, 2019

This episode today is for you if know what you want but are really being held back by FEAR!! As much as you can be equipped by tools live your best life, if fear is holding you back from taking action or making change, those tools are useless!


Gabby is a bilingual health & success coach on a mission to empower wellness entrepreneurs to transform their passion into a full time career. She's also a dance & fitness instructor teaching numerous classes such as hip hop cardio, zumba and open hip hop.


Originally from Caracas, Venezuela, Gabby moved to the states in 2011 to attend college with nothing but a dream. In the past year, she went from being an overworked veterinary technician to a full-time health and success coach; completely shifting her life and transforming her passions into a paying career.


Her brand, The Blissful Step, helps men and women of all ages shift their mindset, step into fear and finally launch the business of their dreams. Gabby is the creator of JBC, Jumpstart your Business Course, a 90 day course designed for wellness entrepreneurs ready to transform their passion into a career. Her next course launches this Monday April 22nd. For more information visit . If you are ready to transform your passion into a career fill out the qualification form in the website above. Spots are filling up and it starts this week!







For more info on the host, visit, and follow Rebecca on Instagram @rebeccacafiero !


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