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Sep 15, 2019

This episode is EXTRA special because it’s our 50th episode, Becoming You Podcast is 5 months old and we just celebrated 55k downloads!! And I couldn’t think of a better guest than the woman you’re about to have the pleasure of hearing from!

I was invited to a women’s leadership and inspiration lunch last month...

Sep 11, 2019

We can only grow to the size of the container we are in… it time to find a more spacious container?


Signs you’re ready to grow

  1. Not being happy with where you are in life - questioning your purpose, feeling doubt, fantasizing about change.
  2. Feelings of anxiety about the future.
  3. Being less concerned with what...

Sep 8, 2019

Diamonds are created under intense pressure and Michelle Demaree, the brains and beauty behind the brand Miss Diamond Ring, is an absolute gem!

She combines years of experience in high end sales and working for luxury jewelry houses into a one of a kind business that allows her to shine personally and professionally,...

Sep 4, 2019

It’s easy to hide behind your computer, It’s even convenient! and we think you’re building your business because you’re adding followers on. Our because we can write 5 email newsletters in two hours, instead of going to an event that’ll take 2 hours.


But let’s be real, about showing up IN REAL LIFE.



Sep 1, 2019

Do you feel like it’s impossible to juggle motherhood, a healthy romantic relationship and a successful work life? Does it look like like it’s out of reach? It’s not!

 Jordan English is a wife, a mama of two babies, the co-owner of a real estate team, a podcaster, and a lifestyle entrepreneur! Her journey began as...